If you are thinking of building a garage then you have come to the right place! We deliver nationally at a low cost. Our flexible building system makes it both simple and affordable, while your garage can be combined with additional storage if need be.

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An important step in simplifying the construction process is, in our opinion, to be able to visualize your building while simultaneously understanding the price. How is the price affected if I adjust wall heights, roof slope, or insulation options? Questions like these are easily answered with our 3D configurator. Find inspiration among our previously delivered garages or build your very own and get the price directly!

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"The garage construction has gone extremely well and I am very happy with the job. It was a very fine product. I would gladly recommend."
Marc Johnson
"Completely satisfied with the result and the instructions were very good, it was easy to understand and easy to assemble the garage."
Ellen N.
"We can warmly recommend you to others who have the same knowledge as us (so none at all!)."
Andrea Marie
"The construction went quickly and the result was very good. We are satisfied with the kit and assembly instructions."
Alex Lissette
"The product was really good =) We have recommended most of our friends to turn to this elegant solution."
Kent M.
"The construction has gone incredibly smoothly and your service is outstanding!"
Markus W.
"I recommend you often, willingly and happily!"
Roland H.
"Easy to design with amazing quality!"
Lars M.
"We are incredibly happy in every way with the product! It will be a great joy to get started and use the house."
Mattias, Camilla Gabriel
"I want to applaud you for incredible communication throughout the entire process! That sets you apart from most builders. If I have another project 100% you will be doing it!"
Urban O.
"We are very pleased with the delivery, instructions and the finished result."
Mathias W.
"We are very happy with the garage and the assembly was simple and easy to understand."
Greg W.

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