About Us

It started in 1934 as a furniture carpentry for the defense. Since then, the company has had a variety of shapes, internationally, within the wood industry. Through years of technological advance and process engineering, Lundqvist Travaru AB has developed a unique and capable platform for designing and constructing buildings of different shapes and sizes. International expansion was inevitable and post growing through Europe Lundqvist has endeavored to the USA as Ludo.

Over the years, the company has had a variety of roles in the wood industry, internationally, from furniture carpentry to sawmills and more. Today, the company has formed into an expert in manufacturing wood kits to assemble sheds, garages, stables, villas, holiday homes, and much more!

Ludo is partnered with Lundqvist Trävaru AB, and is alike a family owned business. With the owners of Lundqvist Travaru AB, Jens Lundqvist and Samuel Holstrom, Ludo is equipped with the foundation for continuing Lundqvist’s success in the United States of America. With thousands of buildings delivered, and a 3d configurator that has been developed for nearly 10 years, Ludo is undoubtedly the best solution for the design and manufacturing of ancillary structures in the country. Together both Ludo and Lundqvist Travaru AB continue to innovate in a space that is otherwise fairly stale lacking development drive. Ludo’s goal is to create the next generation of customer experience for those who want to make their building dreams come to reality! 


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